6 Beautiful Types of Caps that You Must Consider Having

Posted by on Mar 31, 2019 in Accessories |

cap printing SingaporeAre you a person who almost always wears a cap while dressing up? A cap is actually not only a fashion accessory but also a protective gear because it protects your head and eyes from the harsh sunlight. But at the same time you can have as much style and fashion to it as you wish by choosing your favorite colors and designs and customization. Here are a few types of caps which you can consider using as highly fashionable accessories with customization.

1. Trucker Cap

While choosing among the various cap types, if you choose ones that you can get printed with a design, text or logo of your choice from someone like cap printing Singapore, you can add even more style to this useful accessory. A trucker cap is one such cap that is made of all mesh, barring the front two quarter panels. It often also has a snapback adjustment.

2. Baseball Cap

Although inspired from the American game of baseball, a baseball cap is used by people from all over the world. It is similar to a trucker cap, but doesn’t have a mesh. It’s easy to wear and you can wear it on casual occasions. A baseball cap is made of 6-quarter panels that end in a button on the top and a short to medium-sized bill that can be flat or curved in front.

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3. Snapback Hats

Snapback hats can be conveniently adjusted to fit the size of the head with two plastic bands that snap together.

4. Beanie

Also known as a watch cap or stocking cap, a beanie is a close-fitting knitted cap, usually made of cotton or wool to provide warmth to head in cold climate. Over the years, many styles have emerged in beanies. E.g. a long stocking cap is just same as the beanie but with a taller crown that hangs off on side or top, for style rather than warmth.

5. Beret

A beret is a soft, round-shaped, flat cap with additional material around the borders for a bit of “poof”. It is usually made of cotton, wool or acrylic fibers and is stereotypically linked with artists or painters. It can be worn in several different styles, like flat over the top of the head or hanging on one side.

6. Big Brim

As indicated by the name, big brim caps have big brims. These are great pool hats for women and have recently become very popular. Brims are usually 4 to 6 inches, but can be up to 10 inches.

Choose the style of cap you love the most and customize it to your liking so as to make a statement.