Gledavi Swivel-in-Style Bags – Show Your Changing Looks but One Perfect Love

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Gledavi leather backpackYou have to buy various bags to get various looks. But what if you get different looks with only one bag? A bag that has style, high-quality material, durability and eco-friendliness, and by helping it to design and manufacture it, you can even get a great discount? Yes, there are such bags!

We are talking about Gledavi Swivel-in-Style backpack and crossbody bags!

Gledavi Backpack

Gledavi Backpack is available in two materials – leather and cork, both being eco-friendly!

Gledavi leather backpack has an amazing combination of black and red. The main bag is made from high-quality black leather and has a soft touch of Red Napa Leather too. This bag is convertible and can be worn as a backpack and shoulder bag. It has a reversible and multi-interchangeable flap that you can change to change your looks in seconds.

changed look with Gledavi leather backpack

Gledavi cork backpack too is easily convertible and is made from cork obtained from a sustainable source. Plus, it’s water-resistant, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, soft to feel and lightweight for easy handling.

gledavi cork backpack

The pockets of Gledavi backpack have been smartly designed, they are slim but you can carry just what you need in them, like 13” laptop, sunglasses, a continental wallet and all the necessary cosmetics. The hardware of both these bags has a gold tone that makes the bag look elegant.

Gledavi Crossbody

Gledavi crossbody bags too are available in leather as well as cork and you can use them to get multiple looks within seconds. You just have to Swivel the flap to obtain a second color to get a changed look. So, you can wear these bags all year round!

Gledavi Crossbody leather bag

The Swivel-in-Style crossbody has a D-ring and keychain with which you can secure your keys, a zipper pocket for credit cards and IDs, a slip pocket to fit a cellphone and a main compartment to accommodate a small pouch, sunglasses and cosmetics comfortably.

Gledavi Crossbody cork bag

These bags too have gold tone hardware to make them look charming.

With the bag, you’ll get the convertible flap and a fabulous bag charm to adorn your bag.

The tulip logo of Gledavi Swivel-in-Style is featured on all these bags and symbolizes perfect love! The concept behind this logo is very sweet. It tells us that we may not be perfect all the time in our life all through the day, but when we play the role of parents, we give (& get) unconditional love which is perfect.

So, if you want those charming bags and want to wear them in style, hurry up to order! Have them and show your changing looks but one perfect love!