4 Great Tips to Flaunt Your Look in Black and White Outfits

Posted by on Jun 21, 2018 in Clothing |

Black and White DressColors may be a great gift to us that make our life beautiful and cheerful. However, sometimes having no other colors than black and/or white in our outfits seems classier than ever. And you’ll be surprised with the numerous ways in which we can sport these two basic shades. Bold and understated at the same time, black and white outfits are all time favorites and can make your minimalist approach to achieve the most fashionable look. You just have to rework these classy shades in modern ways like the following.

1. Black and White Dress

Based on the pattern and proportion of contrasting hues, a black and white dress like this one by blackwhiteoutfit.com can become as bold or as understated as you want. No matter, what pattern it is, the dress will become the feature of your look. It’s best to keep other things classic and subtle. A leather jacket will perfectly match to achieve a casual look, while for a dressed up look, choose a black blazer. When it comes to choosing heels, black will work best, but even cream and nude will pair well.

Black and White Dress

2. Black and White Striped Blazer

Black and white stripes form a bold and unmissable feature of an outfit. You can make the most of their striking presence by combining them with a blazer that will make a statement jacket that will look sharp and stylish. Vertical lines will lengthen your body and create the most flattering look. Also, take a note of how the various thicknesses of the stripes can affect your overall look and boldness. Pairing it with matching pants is a bold option, while a simple black pair will create a more subdued look.

3. Crochet Kaftan

Look and be more relaxed with a plain white, off-white or cream outfit made from crotchet such as a kaftan like this one by blackwhiteoutfit.com made from soft, light fabric that creates an amazing fluid feel with crotchet trim running down each side, sleeves and hem. Isn’t it a fantastic outfit option for wearing over swimwear, or at a beach or poolside?

Crochet Kaftan

4. Black Jeans or White Pants

Well, you can choose to wear any of them and they are your wardrobe staples. When paired with full-length black and white outfit, your favorite black skinnies will form a clean and contemporary look against the fresh color of white, whereas white pants will give you a sense of style and luxury if worn in the right way. For example, try wide-leg, cropped white pants instead of your summer jeans while keeping your remaining look slim with a fitted top to balance the voluminous bottom.

So, try the two colorless colors with these tips to make a statement this season and flaunt your bold and beautiful look!