5 Cool Tips to Buy a Perfect T-shirt

Posted by on Apr 7, 2018 in Clothing, Fashion Tips |

t-shirt buying tipsThough they haven’t acquired the status of formal wear, t-shirts are working hard for us for years and come to our rescue when we want to achieve a good look. Plus you can wear them alone or with anything else, they go almost with any other clothing. But do you know that if you follow certain rules while choosing tees for you, you can make the most of your t-shirts? Here are a few.

1. Choose the Best Fit

The golden rule to follow while buying a tee is that it should be best fitting and not baggy and/or too long. However, you will also have to avoid too tight tees. To decide whether a t-shirt fits you best or not is to see if it clings to the body but still leaves space for movement. Its bottom should fit on your hip, while it should slightly taper in the waist. Choose sleeve length that is never longer than half the arm; but it should not cap sleeve creeping up near your shoulders because that is not a good look.

2. Types of Necklines

The classic option for a t-shirt neckline is crew. It’s rounded and quite high at the collar bone and is great for slimmer guys who want to create an illusion of a slightly massive upper body and wider shoulders. Another popular option is V-neckline and is opposite the crew. It is ideal for guys who want their neck look elongated if it’s a bit thick or those who are not very tall.

Other options are scoop and deep V which are not as popular as the above two but are available widely.

3. White T-shirts

If you love white tees and look good in them, it’s all about styling them right. White tees can usually display rugged mannish style because icons like Steve McQueen and James Dean have made them popular.

4. Coloured T-shirts

Coloured t-shirts are fantastic as they can upraise your outfit out of the dark and form a textured look. And if you want to have patterns and designs on them, you can choose something like printing of polo t-shirts that can make it stand out.

5. Which Fabric to Choose?

When it comes to fabric of the t-shirt, cotton is by far one of the most popular natural options. But despite being more breathable, it’s more fragile as well. They go well with suits and blazers to achieve a laid-back look. Pure cotton has a buttery texture, is soft to touch and feels fantastic on skin, whereas cotton blend offers a great quality and a bit more durability. If you don’t want to shell out for high-quality tees, you can look for synthetic or cotton blend.

Use the above tips to find t-shirts and make them a staple of your wardrobe to achieve a cool look on any occasion.