6 Rules to Apply to Get a Perfect T-shirt

Posted by on Oct 26, 2018 in Clothing |

Angels Don't Give Up On Me Today t-shirtT-shirts are one of the most time-honored types of clothing in the textile history, perhaps because it’s the most comfortable type of clothing. Obviously it’s a wardrobe staple for every man.

Although the fact is that t-shirts look pretty cool, unfortunately bad fitting t-shirts are pretty obvious and so, you have to take care of choosing the right fit and apply some other rules while buying the right piece for you. Here are some tips.

1. Tightness/Size

While a good fit of a t-shirt is essential, a t-shirt should not be too tight, neither should it be too baggy of course. While a too baggy tee will look highly unflattering, too tight one will make you look like a stuffed sausage and it’s unflattering as well.

2. Shoulder Seams

Ideally the points where your sleeves meet the body of the t-shirt should exactly align with your shoulder ends and not towards your neck or lower than your arm.

3. Sleeves

Sleeves of your tee should hit ideally about halfway up your upper arm. If you are very tall, you can choose sleeves that go a bit further down.

4. Length

The bottom of your t-shirt should be no higher than your buttocks and should hide your waistband at least. Ideally it should stretch a few inches below your waistband. Any shorter than this length carries the risk of showing your back/belly/butt crack while bending over. And any longer than this, will make you look like wearing a nightgown!

5. Shape

Boxy t-shirts are strict no-no because they are highly unsightly. A tee should ideally show up the shape of your body.

You may think that an ideal t-shirt meeting all these criteria may be hard to find but it’s not the case. E.g. the Angels Don’t Give Up On Me Today t-shirts are well-fitting and are made with comfort and durability in mind with 100% preshrunk, combed and ring-spun cotton. So, you can see that good tees are not difficult to get.

Angels Don't Give Up On Me Today t-shirt

6. Choose Material Wisely

As said earlier, a cotton t-shirt like the Angels shirts mentioned above is ideal regarding comfort. 100% cotton is the best material because it’s natural, cool, soft and static-resistant. It’s cool to look at too. Synthetic fiber is less breathable, increases static and pills from wear. It’s also less moisture absorbent and prone to shrinking and wrinkling.

Thickness of the fabric has nothing to do with quality. However, generally thicker t-shirts look more put-together, while thinner ones look sloppier and cheaper and may cling to your love handles/belly in an unappealing way.

Apply these criteria while buying a t-shirt and your t-shirt collection will make you proud.