9 Useful Tips to Buy Perfect Men’s Blazers

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Men’s BlazerBlazers are a must-have for every man because they are so wonderfully versatile. They can be used for dressing down or dressing up and can be used for just any event, whether leisurely or professional. Blazers are just appropriate right from spring to winter, from an interview to a power lunch, and from conference room to first date! Your blazer is your powerful tool to reflect and enhance your personality, style and your image you intend to project. Here are a few useful tips that will help you choose perfect blazers.

1. What does a Blazer Have?

The first obvious thing about a blazer you should note is that it’s not a part of a suit. Thus, wearing similar colored trousers with your blazer is not advisable. The two pieces of clothing shouldn’t be made from the same fabric and there should always be at least a slight difference between their shades or textures. Get affordable men’s clothing at Amtify including a stunning range of blazers, some of which we couldn’t resist to give here too.

2. Choosing Colors

Blazers come in countless colors. While choosing the color of your new blazer, think about the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. If there are plenty of black pants, navy trousers and blue jeans in your closet, a gray blazer would go nicely with these bottoms.

Otherwise if your closet contains a lot of grays as well as dark wash denims, a deep blue or subtle navy blazer would be perfect.

mens casual do it all blazer with jeans

3. Choosing Fabric

Types of fabric of blazers vary widely. They include tweed, flannel, cashmere, worsted wool, faux leather and herringbone. Some fabrics like flannel and wool are inevitably heavier and warmer. Faux leather, wool and flannel are also more casual while herringbone and tweed are delightfully academic. Remember that fabric is not right or wrong. Try a handful of varieties in different weights for various weathers, for example, seersucker for summer gatherings and workdays and linen for spring.

mens faux leather blazer

4. Single- or Double-Breasted Blazers

You should also consider whether your blazer should be single- or double-breasted. A double-breasted blazer is certainly a more formal piece of clothing and you should dress it up that way.

A double-breasted blazer is perfect for a thin man because it offers an added bulk, since it contains two rows of buttons that form an illusionary horizontal line and there is a double layer in the front of the jacket. However, if you are buying your first blazer, a single-breasted one is indeed a safer option.

The parts of the fabric that fold back on the front of the blazer are known as lapels. Typically, all single-breasted blazers have either peak or notch lapels, whereas all double-breasted blazers have peak lapels. This is really up to you, whether you want the slight flair a peak lapel can add to your outfit or the understated elegance of the notch lapel.

mens casual sports coat

5. Styles

You can have various styles in your blazers. For example, while choosing the number of buttons, the standard style is having 2 or 3, whereas having only 1 button or more than 3 buttons is trendy.

The classic and timeless style will offer the most bang for your buck and if you are a young ambitious professional, you’ll always want to save money.

With a plenty of other subtle details, you can make your blazer your identity. This is especially true about men’s sports coats and blazers at a shop like Amtify.

Some examples of these are functional sleeve buttonholes (buttons at the end of your sleeves that are actually able to button your sleeves and not just sewed on the fabric), ticket pockets and a monogram or a club emblem. But make sure you are actually a member of that club or else it may look funny.

mens sports jacket with shoulder details

6. Stripes and Patterns

Motifs and patterns add visual interest and texture to the fabric. Spice up your solid colors a little with splashes of stripes, plaid, geometric patterns or checkers. A classic plaid can never go out of trend and is wearable for years. Regatta stripe is synonymous to chic British summer event dressing and boating. Checkers and geometric patterns are both intellectual and fun. Find a pattern that best reflects your personality.

mens checkered blue blazer

7. Vents

Consider back and side vents because they give you an extra space and mobility in your blazer. They enable you to sit down and climb up stairs without having to stretch the jacket. They also offer you a look of getting ordered your blazer from an expert and expensive tailor. Side vents are more British while central back vents are chiefly American. But with or without vents, blazers look equally dashing. Vents are however more preferable for heftier men and the position of vents can be decided based on where more room is required.

back vent

8. Dressing the Blazer at Various Venues

Blazers are a great way to get noticed in business environment where polo-shirts and chinos are more common.

By simply throwing on a blazer atop a polo-shirt, you can upgrade your outfit easily, with minimal effort. It’s also a great way to hide your expanding tummy.

A great way to dress up a blazer for work is to wear a white crisp men’s dress shirt with a tie. The versatility of a sports jacket and/or blazer really shines due to its casual nature. You can sport one for drinks on a Friday night as easily as you could for a BBQ.

9. Buying Your Blazer

A man requires typically two blazers – gray and navy. These colors offer neutral stances that enable you to combine hundreds of different shirts, trousers and tie combinations.

While buying your sports jacket, don’t get trapped into expensive brands in order to get quality. These brands are expensive often because of the marketing involved rather than the actual clothing.

More importantly you should see that your affordable men’s clothing fits well, how well it’s constructed, what’s the material and finally comes the name. This doesn’t mean that you should altogether ignore the name because a reputable name often means quality construction and materials.

Use these tips and choose perfect blazers that will make you look stylish always while making you feel comfortable in any environment.