Aielowu Jeans – A Revolution in Women’s Jeans and New Dimension to Comfort

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Aielowu JeannieDenim is a go-to fabric for many ladies. It’s extremely stylish and extremely comfortable too. But let’s face it, when it comes to take a denim pant down in toilets, while changing pads or tampons during periods or in any such emergency situation, it has to be scrapped from your skin which is quite a downside.

A Delaware, USA-based company named Live-Lived Inc., therefore has decided to bring a revolution to women’s jeans and developed a line of jeans which will amaze you.

The name of the jeans is Aielowu Jeannie or AJ for short, meaning “I love you Jeannie”!

Aielowu Jeannie

What’s so Special about Aielowu Jeannie?

Aielowu Jeannie is outstanding because it’s comfortable for women in a true sense because it has a front opening flap sporting a pair of zippers running all the way to rear side which can be opened while using toilet, instead of pulling down the entire jeans.

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But that’s not all. In addition to this main flap, AJ has another flap named “butterfly flap” attached inside the main flap and covers the crotch area. This flap has a special antimicrobial lining that favors the use of most available adhesive panty liners, whereby the need of wearing any special underwear is eliminated and users even won’t have to worry about hygiene.

Aielowu Jeannie


You might have felt a number of times to pee like men! Especially when public toilets were filthy or you were on a camping, trekking or hiking trip. AJ has been designed with just this need of women in mind. As compared to other legged garments, it’s extremely comfortable while using toilets. With the flap open, legs can be flexed so easily that there will be no effect on their dexterity.

The idea was conceived when a woman passenger in a Transatlantic flight wished that she could pee like men because the toilet floor in the plane was filthy. This is natural because women have to pull down their jeans and there is a danger of the jeans getting dirty, collecting harmful bacteria and other germs from the floor. You can clean the toilet seat with disposable tissue paper or toilet paper, but you cannot clean the entire floor! And thus the idea of Aielowu Jeannie came into existence.

Aielowu Jeannie

The product AJ is so innovative that it has been designed inspired by the future space-age and has been made suitable to women running space stations and in the future space travels. The company has also taken into account disabled women and not only normal users. What’s more, if you are to undergo a minimally invasive surgery or medicinal or beauty therapy in the vaginal/pelvic region, you can do so comfortably without having to remove all your clothing.

Women of any age and ethnicity can comfortably use AJ because it’s a patented product created after almost 3 years of R&D, hard work and experimentation with multi-ethnic users. The designers have made improvements in the product with the feedback from each and every user during the trials. And therefore this product is so flawless.

Aielowu Jeannie

4 Unique Versions

Aielowu Jeannie has not yet been launched but will soon be up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter where it will involve four versions, viz. a designer version, an overall version, a cargo version and a distressed version. Enough effort and time has been dedicated while designing each of these versions.

Aielowu Jeannie

Other Features

  • Aielowu Jeannie has very convenient side pockets in which you can carry your cell phone, cosmetics and other items for daily use. These pockets are bigger than regular ladies jeans pockets and therefore can accommodate everything you need.
  • You can see from the pictures given here and on their site that AJ comes in various lovely colors including white, grey and many shades of blue.
  • You can also see various patterns including open sides, torn (distressed) sides and more.

Live-Lived Inc. is currently teaming up with many fashion enthusiasts, influencers and bloggers for the launch of Aielowu Jeannie.

Aielowu Jeannie

Currently less than 1% of the entire women’s population using ladies’ jeans has supported Aielowu Jeannie who will set the trend for others and for the future generation as well. But they want more trendsetters and not trend followers, so that more and more women can make use of this very convenient and innovative garment.

All in all, if you were dreaming of getting rid of the stress of struggling with your jeans in filthy toilets, your dream will soon come true. You are soon going to have a product that will revolutionize your sense of fashion and give a new dimension to your comfort level. Support it and help it come to the market at the earliest.

Aielowu Jeannie