Great Buying and Styling Tips for You to Look the Best in a Jean Jacket

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jean jacketAny piece of clothing a man buys may go wrong, but jeans and denim hardly do. A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a cool pair of jeans and a denim jacket. This material can be dressed up and dressed down, equally gracefully, no matter whether the event is casual or formal!

However, although jeans go smooth virtually on anyone and on any occasion, some men find it pretty challenging to wear a jean jacket in style. Are there any rules to wear a denim jacket? Well, you don’t need to be stressed up much. There are rules but they are simple and just related to common sense, and you can understand and remember them well without a lot of efforts, and can easily look stylish with their help.

The best part about jean jackets and shirts is that they will retain their integrity for years to come.

Jean jackets actually were born in the 80s when Levi Strauss re-purposed old scraps from his jean patterns into casual denim jackets. Today the jean jacket has become a staple of any stylish man’s wardrobe.

dark blue jean jacket

Find the Right Fit

Jean jackets are available in a range of cuts and styles. In general, they are slightly baggy in the arms and loose around the body to offer easy movement. However, they should actually fit pretty snugly to your shoulders, virtually like a shirt. Although this may sound restrictive, in fact, it makes sense. It will make it easy for you to layer in colder months and even excellent when the temperature starts rising.

The cut of the jacket should sit just around the waist – if it’s too short, it’ll look feminine and if it’s too long, it will look like an untucked shirt. Denim is such a fabric that the jacket won’t stretch or yield much over time; so, you are better off making sure about the fit right when you purchase the jacket. Ensure it has the slimming effect just as a sports jacket. If a streamlined look is achieved with the rest of your clothing by buttoning up your jacket, avoid big trainers or baggy jeans; instead opt for slender smart shoes and slim trousers.

right length of jean jacket

Baggy jean jackets are great for a more relaxed look. They make a great layer, particularly if you’ve put on a simple hoodie underneath. This type of outfit looks awesome in base tones like black, white and grey. Finally, you can finish it off with a great pair of Chelsea boots or trainers.

You can also wear a simple white T-shirt, black jeans and a dark blue jean jacket and it will look great. Plus, you can finish it off with some pair of boots or Vans, and you’re ready for a night out or a date.


Now, since you choose the right fit and style, the next consideration is of color. You can choose from a punky, edgier grey, the classic light blue or even the favorite black of celebs. You can find several great suggestions on a nice men jeans blog. Here are some to make the decision somewhat easier for you.

If you want to replace black, grey is great. Also, grey is awesome for bringing a good change if you are wearing the same sort of jeans most of the times and it’s being monotonous. Grey also adds a nice lightness to your dress. And grey is also not less in versatility than black to provide to your styling combinations.

grey jean jacket

If you want something less casual than a light blue jean jacket, go for a raw jean jacket. A darker shade of blue will make a perfect pairing with your early autumn clothing and will create an apt look suitable more to the colder months.

So, remember these tips and buy the best denim jacket for you today and wear it with style!