How to Tie Board Shorts the Right Way? (easy, quick tips)

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how to tie board shorts

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Can tough can it be to learn how to tie board shorts? I mean, you see celebrities and even political leaders wear ‘em. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about? Well, it’s Barack Obama, of course. We’ve seen him acing a pair of board shorts. So what is stopping you from wearing it?

Well, if the problem is not the style of board shorts. But how you’re supposed to wear them then you’ve come to the right place. This article teaches you how to tie board shorts. And all those little things that determine what you’re wearing board shorts the right way.

The only way to make sense of how to tie board shorts is this. To categorize why you want to wear board shorts and where. Sounds simple enough, right? Let’s begin.

How to Tie Board Shorts?

The first golden rule is what you’re wearing them for. Most men wear board shorts for swimming on the beach or in a swimming pool. So it’s obvious the tying of board shorts must be tight.

The laces are made up of cotton or lycra or both. So once tied, they stay firm and intact. And how you tie board shorts also affects the overall fit of the bottoms. If you tie it too tight, the material will crumble and feel restrictive. And vice versa.

Whichever fit and style you prefer, always wear underwear under board shorts. When you’re trying new board shorts on or adjusting the size. You will always feel more comfortable and at ease.

Once you’ve checked all these boxes, here’s what you do.

1. For swimming/surfing use

swimming board shorts

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Some board shorts have double or triple lacing. This is the perfect choice for surfers. As it increases resistance against rushing water. Such types of lacing are essential to prolonging the overall shelf life of board shorts.

How to tie board shorts:

Start by place one end of the lace string into the hole at the bottom of the band. There will with two or three openings based on the type of board shorts you wear.

Pull the string tightly until there’s no space left. Lift the board short from the waistband and make sure the string is balanced. The right side should have the same length as the left.

Crisscross the ends of the string together. This means to slide the right end of the string into the left hole. And vice versa. You can also reverse the front to back direction of the string for better results and a stronger hold.

Keep repeating this movement until the strings are tight. So every time you tie a knot, the strings won’t get loose. After all these complicated knots, go for a simple knot. That should allow you to take them off easily while going to the bathroom.

Note: Do not tie the board shorts too tight. Especially if you’re wearing underwear under board shorts. It may cause groin sweat and a swamp crotch in summer.

2. For daily wear

tips for wearing men's board shorts

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You don’t have to worry too much about tieing your board shorts tight. I mean, you do, but not in the way surfers or swimmers would. For social gatherings, home parties, etc. Wearing board shorts at home is more relaxing. You can tie it simply and stay safe.

For home use, I recommend using single-layer lacing. It’s casual, less aggressive, and doesn’t look funny. Casual parties demand casual attire. And a double or triple-layer reinforced lacing system may just look a bit too much.

A simple elastic waistband supported by a cotton or lycra string. Tie it simple and it’s easy to take off and put on in the toilet. Another fashionable choice is to buy board shorts with a button. But for some, this may be too experimental!

Final Thoughts

Now you know not only how to wear board shorts. But where you can wear them. To summer parties, to the beat, to the pool, or even for walks around town. And to know how to tie board shorts. It depends greatly on where you plan to wear them.

Board shorts are casual, breathable, and comfortable. And wearing the right underwear under board shorts is necessary. Especially if you want to keep your junk protected from moisture, dust, etc.

Also, you wouldn’t want to expose yourself while getting a tan on the beach, right? It’s only natural to lie down on a beach and relax. With the right way to tie board shorts, you can do so effectively!

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