Fashionable and Funky Gemini Women

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Fashion News |

marilyn monroe geminiWomen born under the sign of Gemini are sexy, smart and they look much younger than their real age. A Gemini woman is characterized by fine facial features and a petite bone structure. When it comes to fashion and trends, she is so well-informed; you won’t have to bother asking anybody else for opinion. If you are a Gemini woman, read more to find out what we know about you and your fashion sense!

Gemini woman tends to keep makeup natural and light, although she can pull crazy one as well. Being a natural-born communicator, you probably talk a lot which makes your mouth the center of attention quite often. For this reason, brown or beige lipsticks are great choice for adding a touch of class to your persona. Always apply mascara to enhance the beauty and attractiveness to your (usually bright) eyes.

angelina joli geminiAs we said already, as a Gemini woman you know all the latest trends, as well as latest gossips. This makes you a way ahead of most in the fashion stakes. What’s the key to your success? You don’t need to attend fashion shows, since you keep yourself informed by reading fashion magazines and blogs, as well as by visiting celebrity websites. Your wardrobe is full of piles of outfits, from funky to fab, from elegant gowns to sweats, from six-inch heeled shoes to sneakers. You choose your outfit depending on the occasion and your own mood. This means you need a walk-in closet to house all your lovely outfits. In order to be incredibly looking, you will turn your closet upside-down. At the end of the day, you will look just as you should be – trendy and gorgeous.

mila kunis geminiWhen it comes to jewelry and accessories, for you each outfit must have its own purse/bag and footwear, some require belts, others scarves etc. Is there anything you don’t like? Well, of course – whatever covers your ears and mouth; you simply need to be able to hear everything and talk whenever you want! You undoubtedly possess dozens of chains, sunglasses, as well as some luxurious bling. You have a lot of accessories and jewelry items, but you usually don’t know where any of it is.

Your favorite materials are cotton, satin, silk and chiffon, for their airy nature. Your taste of colors is subtle: lavender, navy blue, silver, gold and pink. Frankly, whatever you wear, it’s a spot on outfit and you can’t do anything about it!