Make Your Jewelry Shine and Last for Years with the Right Jewelry Cleaner

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Magnasonic Jewelry CleanerJewelry is worn mainly because of its shine and if its shine fades due to regular use, it starts looking unattractive. Cleaning jewelry is the best solution for this and today there are different types of jewelry cleaners available to suit various needs. Let’s see what these different types of jewelry cleaners are.

Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry owners can apply a number of techniques to save their jewelry from dirt or tarnish getting accumulated on it. They can also avoid doing some things to stop layers of dirt being built on jewelry, e.g. avoid using perfume, lotions and hairspray while wearing jewelry, because these cosmetics build up layers of oily or sticky substances on jewelry. Also, these substances can get inside pearls and ruin their finish. You should use one of the various types of jewelry cleaning machines available today to keep your jewelry in its top shape. Apart from machines, many types of cleaning chemicals and polishing cloths can be used to clean jewelry. However, you should know which chemicals are safe for which metals and stones. Though costume jewelry can be cleaned using cleaning machines, you should keep in mind that the plating of gold and silver is very thin and cannot withstand any cleaning machine or solutions. So, it’s best to do your homework before buying and using any machine.

Jewelry Cleaning Machines

Ultrasonic Machine: These contain a tub with a removable basket or tray, and they operate on a small motor. You have to place your jewelry on the removable basket and after cleaning, remove it from there. When these machines are turned on, the motor generates ultrasonic waves inside the tub. You have to set the time which can be anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. You can use a special cleaning solution or simply tap water. Cleaning solutions come in various types but commonly contain non-abrasive detergents. Some cleaning machines also offer additional tools like small and soft brushes to clean jewelry more deeply. Keep in mind that ultrasonic machines create vibrations of sonic waves, so, you should ensure that there are no loose stones in your jewelry as they can come off with the vibrations.

Steam Cleaners: These are the best for cleaning jewelry and most professional jewelers use them in their shops. These are fast and efficient tools to clean precious stones and metals. These machines typically contain a stainless steel, copper or nickel boiler that boils water and creates steam. This steam is exuded over the jewelry through a nozzle till it’s clean. This machine needs only a small amount of tap or distilled water.

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Use such a jewelry cleaner and make your jewelry shine and last for years to come.

Magnasonic Jewelry Cleaner