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Canada Hair by Canada HairWho doesn’t like thick and long hair? I too like them. However, unfortunately my hair is neither thick nor long. I tried a lot of home remedies, used various shampoos, oils and packs, and what not! But no use. I felt ashamed of my thin, bland hair wherever I go, especially after looking at the voluminous full hair of other girls. I used to be sad and was losing confidence. In short, I was leading a miserable life.

The Golden Moment

I remember the golden moment when my friend, Rachel, came to me one day and I told her about my agony, and she shared with me a secret that took me out of my distress. Can you guess what that was? It gave me the hair I longed for. They are the hair extensions by CanadaHair.ca! These are amazing products and I have become a fan of them. They have changed my life from miserable to delightful. Now I flaunt my thick, long hair, and people praise it (and envy it too) and ask me what I do for such nice hair, and I smile to myself secretly. I wear countless hairstyles, easily. All in all, I love the CanadaHair.ca’s hair extensions because they are nothing but amazing.

clip in hair extensions by Canada Hair

Why I Love CanadaHair.ca’s Hair Extensions So Much

The first reason I am the fan of these hair extension is their variety and affordability. They have a range of high-quality clip in hair extensions at a price that’s not hard on my purse. What I mean is that I have bought multiple varieties and wear them according to my mood and occasion.

As such CanadaHair.ca offers hair extensions of various lengths from 14 inches to 24 inches, various styles and various colors. Most of these extensions are made of 100% real human hair i.e. remy hair. But if you want, you can get even more affordable synthetic extensions too.

Remy hair extensions are particularly desirable since they look like your own hair (so, no one can know that you are wearing extensions), don’t get tangled easily, have a nice feel and can be washed and maintained and even styled easily using hot tools.

Once I came to know about clip-in hair extensions from Rachel, I on my own researched a little about them, and realized why the hair extensions by CanadaHair.ca are the best. Here’s what I understood.

extensions cheveux hair extensions by Canada Hair

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

You may find the price of real human hair high. But remember, you get what you pay for. I came to know about virgin human hair which are never processed before and therefore are considered to be of the highest quality. The specialty of these extensions is that their cuticle is preserved and run in the same direction which gives them a smooth, silky feel. Synthetic hair extensions on the other hand are much cheaper; but their downside is that they won’t blend very well with your natural hair. Plus, they hardly withstand heat styling and get tangled easily. CanadaHair.ca offers 100% original remy human hair extensions that are high-quality, smooth and silky to touch and can be styled in any way you want, offering you a gorgeous volume and length.

What Exactly to Look for?

To get a natural look with your extensions, the extensions should have a color and texture matching your own hair. First feel the hair extensions. If you feel them dry, understand that they would tangle easily.

But you should also avoid extensions with excessive shine because they are coated with silicone which will quickly wear off causing tangles and dulling.

You should also find a stylist that is quite experienced in applying hair extensions, because improper application or removal can lead to damage to your own hair and also to extensions. Especially if your stylist has a colorist background, it’s better than the best. If there is no color match, it will be quite obvious that you are wearing extensions.

ponytail remy hair postiche by Canada Hair

Salient Features of CanadaHair.ca’s Hair Extensions

– CanadaHair.ca sells remy human hair extensions and wigs
– Their hair extensions are made of quality hair because they have put in place a strict quality verification process
– Customers can return their item if they are not satisfied, they will pay all postage fees for the customers and give her a full refund as long as she respects the return policy
– They are located in Canada and they sell to Canadians. So customers are protected because they respect all Canadian laws.
– They ship very quickly and all orders are traceable online 24/7

rallonges cousues by Canada Hair

Why do I Want to Recommend You to Buy from CanadaHair.ca?

During my research I found some points due to which I got assured of I will always get the very best from CanadaHair.ca. Here are those points.

  • First off, CanadaHair.ca is a Canadian company having Canadian staff.
  • They ship all their orders from Canada which means quick, reliable and affordable shipping.
  • Next, the quality of their hair extensions and other products is doubtlessly the best. When I first ordered their clip-in extensions I got amazed to see their thickness and the perfect color matching. This is especially noticeable when you compare products from other retailers with that of CandaHair. You’ll find that the latter are a lot thicker and look more natural.

rallonges de cheveux brun pale hair extensions by Canada Hair


I also visited the official website of CanadaHair and found loads of positive reviews. However, I had heard that website owners often have a tendency to hide negative reviews. So, next I visited their Facebook page where too there were positive reviews but there were a few negative reviews too which had been answered without hiding them. One user even had complained that CanadaHair.ca deleted her review to which the company had responded that it’s because the review consisted of a profanity and that if the user wants to republish her review without any profanity, it won’t be deleted. This was great on their part.

Their return policy is great too and if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and you’ll be paid for the postage and full refund.

So, if you are disgusted with your thin hair just like once I was, don’t hesitate to try the hair extensions by CanadaHair.ca and I am sure, you’ll get a new life, just as I did!

Canada Hair by Canada Hair