Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape – Wear Any Dress to Flaunt Your Beauty

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Hollywood Fashion TapeI remember those days when I used to die to wear those sexy strapless dresses in parties, weddings, night-outs and picnics! But alas, I didn’t feel confident that I could wear them without any mess. What if it slipped down? OMG, I couldn’t even imagine it. And then, a godsend came in my life!

It was the Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape. I just can’t get words to describe this wonderful product. It’s so lovely. You can understand my feelings only if you longed to wear strapless dresses but couldn’t because you were afraid of wardrobe malfunction.


Today I feel so confident and comfortable in any dress, and enjoy showing off my dresses, thanks to Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape!

What is Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape?

Hollywood Fashion TapeGirls, understand that Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape is a tape that can adhere to your skin on one side and to your dress on the other. Thus it can firmly secure your dress to your skin and your dress will never slip down.

So, you might have understood now how Hollywood beauties like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie wear those ravishing strapless dresses so easily, and look confident and carefree.

Will Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape Harm Your Skin?

No. I am using Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape for the last 2 years and haven’t experienced any problem. It has been created from medical grade hypoallergenic material. It’s latex-free; so, there is no risk for your skin of stretching. Neither will it cause any irritation. Even if I wear it all through the day, I feel comfortable as there is no residue and no glue marks. I can remove it easily too and can take a refreshing wash to find no redness, irritation or itching at the spot where I apply the tape. And it’s not even risky for my clothes.

Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape

Another reason I love Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape so much because it’s amazingly invisible and no one even doubt that I’ve applied it. Now I wear all my open-sided dresses, deep plunge tops, wrap-style and tube tops. Isn’t that wonderful?

Hollywood Fashion TapeI tried some other beauty tapes too in the market, but I found that Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape is the best. Here are two points with which it outperforms the other similar products.

Extra Strength vs. Sensitive Skin – Designed & Tested in USA by women for women. These 2 types are exclusively formulated by Trendix: the only one in the industry! Extra Strength is the strongest offered in the market.

SPLIT CUT for Instant EASY PEEL – No more difficult & annoying peel when separating tapes from its backing paper. Trendix Beauty Wonder Tapes are specially designed in USA to split the backing of tape in one Go! I compared it to ONE full backing paper attached in other products available in the market, Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape Rolls are exclusively attached with 2 Split Cut Backing Paper to make the INSTANT usage.

Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape with Instant EASY PEEL

What Else can it be Used for?

Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape has some other uses too and is indeed a lifesaver for girls. You can fix gaps between buttons, wear jewelry without slipping, skirt/pant hem that has come off and many more.

So, girls, go ahead, get that Trendix Beauty Wonder Tape, and I am sure you’d thank me.

–  by Linda Barnes