4 Excellent Tips to Take Care of Your Work Boots to Get the Best Service from Them

Posted by on Jan 5, 2018 in Shoes |

care for your work bootsDepending on the care and attention you give them, your work boots can last from only a few months to even a couple of years. This means that the better care you will give them, the better and longer will be their service to you. Though they are tough, they too need care and maintenance. Taking care of your work boots is not difficult or time-consuming. They will only need a few hours every month to remain in the best shape. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Clean on a Regular Basis

If you want your work boots to last longer, you should clean them regularly. A quick 5-minute scrub every week will not only keep them in the best shape but will also last longer. For work boots consisting of original leather, it’s essential to use water-based cleaning products. A pencil and a nylon brush are the best scrubbers for suede and leather work boots, respectively. To clean the inner side of the boots, use any shampoo having a low pH level. Learn best care tips for your work boots and comprehensive work boot reviews on 10bestranked.com.

2. Use Only for What They are Designed

If you use your work boots for purposes other than what they are designed for, they would be damaged quickly. Never use them on weekends since the conditions may be totally different then than those for which you use them during your work week, and so, there will be unnecessary wear and tear. Keep your work boots reserved for work only. If they are made from suede leather, you should protect them from water and other objects that can ruin them and cause their wear and tear sooner.

3. Watch Break in Period

A break in period is the one after which the boots become comfortable to wear. While it’s not really significant for some work boots, for others, a few weeks may be required before they can become comfortable during your work schedule. If you push them in the main thing, they may be damaged. By using a conditioner, their break in period can be reduced. A conditioner softens them naturally.

4. Use Only Water-based Waterproofing Products

Waterproofing work boots makes sure the boots remain in the best shape. However, the waterproofing should be done extremely carefully because if it’s done in an improper way, the quality of the work boots may be declined. Take care to use only water-based waterproofing products for this purpose. Reasons for this are:

  • Water-based products enable the boots to evaporate sweat from their inside and resist water on the outside.
  • Water-based products don’t need heat that can warp leather.
  • Water-based products don’t contain any petroleum ingredient that can stretch leather.
  • These products also repel dirt.

Apply three coats to get optimal results. The first coat should be applied right when you get your boots. The second one should be applied after around two weeks and the third one should be applied after around a month. Later on, it depends on you whether to apply another coat(s).

Take care of your work boots with the above tips and they will give you the best service.