How to clean white Jordan laces?

Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Accessories, Shoes |

cleaning white jordan lacesYou must have those shoe laces to match absolutely with the class of the Air Jordan sneakers. Sometimes while looking for the replacement of these laces you might get tricked and spend on some defective and bad ones. We have white Jordan laces which are absolutely perfect fit for the Jordan sneakers and match perfectly if the lace is taken to the top and tied. These ones come in length of 72” and 0.31” wide. If you find it cool to lace your sneaker halfway or leave them untied, then you shall pick our 56” and 63” shoelaces.

Cleaning your white Jordan laces is as important as picking the perfect shoelace for the sneaker. The shoelace and the sneakers can only reflect their true class when they are perfectly clean. Here are some tips to help you how to clean your Jordan white shoelace:

  • It becomes easier to clean and get effective cleaning if you remove the shoelaces completely out of the sneakers.
  • Then brush off or rub the lace with hands to get any dry dirt to get removed from the lace. A little bit of scrubbing with get the dry dust and dirt out easily.
  • Make a solution of one gallon of water with three table spoon of bleach in a sink or basin. A small amount of laundry detergent may be applied to help in the cleaning process.
  • Now find a small mesh laundry bag and place the lace in to that and let the lace soak the solution for a few minute. Use something slightly heavy nearby you like a spatula or similar stuff to prevent the laundry bag from floating.
  • Take the laces out with the laundry bag from the sink and place in a washing machine, add detergent, ½ cup of bleach and wash with hot water.
  • Now hang the laces on a towel to get them air dry. Avoid putting the laces in the dryer as it may damage the aglets and cause shrinkage to it. Leave it for a few hours to allow it to dry completely.

Now you have real white Jordan laces and it’s time to put the lace back on the sneakers.