Unique Gift Ideas to Astound Your Friends

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Every time when I get a wedding invitation, I get Goosebumps thinking about the presents. After all, what to give something unique & trendy every time? And then I cannot sleep properly, I cannot eat properly, I cannot walk properly, etc. etc. and so, I discussed with many of my friends, (who are yet to be married, so, haven’t given me any invitation yet) how to be trendy while gifting a newly wed couple, and they suggested me to find a relief, as usual, on internet! And there I got a lot of ideas, unique and fashionable, some of which I am sharing here with you.

An Unusual Bouquet of Plush Toys

While searching for gift ideas for wedding, I came across a fantastic idea of bouquet and that was of plush toys. Flowers are beautiful and their bouquets are beautiful too, but they are perishable and can’t remind the wed couple about us, after a day or two of the wedding. But this bouquet of plush toys is so cute and it keeps on reminding them of us. You can give any type of toy, like teddies or puppies, and even your friends’ favorite cartoon characters, and they will be so pleased on getting them in a cute form of a bouquet!

Make Their Life Spicy

Like an ideally homely lady, you can give your friend a collection of spices, to get started with cooking at the start of her new life, with her brand new hubby, to please his taste buds. I found this idea on etsy.com. You get cute little glass jars in which there are different types and numbers of fresh colorful spices, which not only make the food tasty, but also look nice. The wed couple should like this gift on its mere appearance.


Newspaper of A Particular Date

I found a nice idea of gifting the newly wed couple – a newspaper of a particular date. You can choose any interesting date, like the date of their wedding, or the bride’s or groom’s birth date, of 30 or more years back. They will be enthralled to see what had happened on the date before a long time. They will also remember many things and find it funny and amusing to see the changed times.  Get more info here.

Beer Belt Holster

If the groom is a lover of beer, wine or any alcohol (and surely he is), a belt holster with a package of six-seven bottles of his favorite drink, is a fantastic gift. The groom will certainly be enthralled. (But the bride may not!). See this gift here.

Made-For-Each-Other Pillows & Tees

I like some pillow covers and tees on which there are cartoons, depicting various gestures of a loving couple. They can be gifted in pairs and hence are ideal for the newly wed couple. The ideas are many and creative, so the couple is certainly going to love this gift. You can find it here.

Hope you will love these ideas and will find them useful for gifting your newly wed friends! If you find more, don’t forget to share them here!